Next New Release will be End August / September.

What will it be?


Flat Rate Postage to Australia is $8

regardless the size of your order.


International Postage


A Flat Rate and listed on the site as $30, but all countries are not $30, this is the most expensive, NZ if $16 or USA might be $27 we will refund any postage over payment.




Thanks Melinda and Alexis. 


if you can't find what your looking for (or its the wrong size) we have a custom made service just email us and ask.


We are slowly fixing the pictures, but its slow as we have to retake all the pictures one by one and upload. 


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email: melinda.johns@optusnet.com.au  


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We also have a custom made service, if you would like one of items a different size, or something totally different just email me melinda@scrapbookingncraft.com.au